Since its conception and gradual development, the African cinema has been in crisis. With the fall of colonialism, freedom came with wide spread instability leaving nations with the mammoth task of rediscovering their identities, learning how to walk as they recover from the grave political and economic consequences of the colonial era. Throughout its history, a wealth of African voices have been regimented, lost, or had their tales reimagined through a Western lens, projecting exotic visions of the “jungle land” or, more recently, countless depictions of war and famine on a seemingly Godless continent. Although the struggles of African nation are immense and real, there too exists great life, joy, and beauty evident in a rich tradition of storytelling and narratives unheard.


The internet era and the emergence of streaming giants such as Netflix has opened the world up to itself, blurring boundaries and allowing the audience to experience each other in ways that they never imagined, touring cultures and empathising in foreign languages from the comfort of their homes. With this new connectivity, an unquenchable thirst is developing for new cinema and television that, although foreign, has the same universal themes that tie our human experience together.

With the flood gates slowly opening, a spotlight is turning to an untold generation in Africa as the continent’s new voices craft fresh visions onto an old canvas. With African superhero stories break American box-office records and the previously “unsellable” black stories take the Oscar, new cinematic universe are a every growing commodity.

The time for distinctive African voices is now and with Sibs’ global trajectory in motion, LAIKA1991 aims to bring cutting edge, innovative African cinema to a growing global market, understanding the immense value of a single auteur’s vision while nurturing the commercial execution of it. 

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