LAIKA1991's writes are voices and almost all living human being use their own voices to speak. However, those humans on LAIKA use have all grab the worlds attention in various ways using their to express new thoughts, their unique processes and the very core perspectives on life in the modern world important, defiant and heard from the stages of rebounded conference to the halls of international University. What is it that makes them who they are? What gives these writers the ability to speak to audiences around the world? What makes their work important? 


At LAIKA, we are major believers in the African principle of "We are cause of others" and take pride in our writers minds, experience and knowledge in person so fans, students and dreamers like us can start conversations that will hopefully inspire at least one person in the auditorium to be better and bigger then they thought they could be. 


LAIKA has held lectures, talks and screenings at universities, galleries and institutions in Amsterdam, Los Angeles, Cape Town and Germany (to name a few).  In this first of a long journey we are constantly looking at ways to push the envelope and cease new opportunities to bring African voices to a changing world in need of disruption.