A brief intro to medical marijuana

Medicinal Marijuana is one of the greatest natural remedies in existence. Living in Holland and California and having access to cannabis based medicines over the past two years has radically changed my life. A holistic treatment that involves pure foods, limited pharmaceuticals, exercise, medical cannabis and rest has been the only effective treatment of my depression, anxiety and insomnia. I stopped having to take very very powerful pills such as Ativan and xanex when I quit drinking and taking drugs and exchanged that for prescribed plant based medicines and a vegan diet and feel a lot cleaner and a lot more happy.

We have to start emancipating ourselves from the big pharmaceutical companies and food factories that keep us weak and sick and return to the earth and navigating what benefits we can derive from what was given to us. In saying that, I take nothing away from people on medication (I do take normal medications) but I totally advocate for the full spectrum and will always lean more to what has historically worked for me.

I praise all governments and societies begin to get wise to the fact the cannabis is a medicine and the link between a joint and violent drug abuse is a lie.

In fact perhaps the opposite is true.

Be responsible no matter what you do and educate yourself.

Just telling it like it is on this side.