This Italian city is revolutionising schools

Updated: Apr 30, 2019

As a teacher student I am constantly looking to expanding my knowledge and philosophy surrounding children and education. What does it look like to truly empower children? And what does that require as a teacher?

A city in Italy called Reggio Emilia has deepened how we see ourselves and how schools can exist. "Reggio Emilia is a city of altars — to childhood, to imagination, and to the spirit of shared governance and democratic participation. It is magical, but not in a precious way; it is revolutionary, but only because it has had the time and space to evolve; and it is illustrative, but not because it is prescriptive or straight-forward. In Reggio, the whole is always more that the sum of its parts. There are no shortcuts. And yet the path is as clear as can be."

For any teachers in South Africa that are looking to learn more you can check out AREA.