Packing Plant Protein

Here is a quick guide to getting the protein you need on a plant based diet

Women are looking to get about 150g a day and men about 200g a day, but this statistic is not 100% guaranteed and so use it as a guide but not an absolute. The recipes and amount of protein is based on scientific research but because I constructed the recipes from various sources they might not be exact but an estimation to help you see what are some sources of protein and how to maximise your intake.

Peanut Butter Smoothie:

2 Tbs PB = 8g

1 cup oats = 15g

250ml soya milk = 4g

2x bananas = 3g

1 cup soaked quinoa = 5g

0.5 scoop vegan protein powder = 14 g

total protein of 1 smoothie = 43g

General Ingredients:

1 cup lentils = 9g

1 cup brown rice = 5g

1/4 block of tofu = 9g

100g seitan = 75g

2 tbs hummus = 3g

1 slice bread = 2-3g

1 medium potato = 4.5g

1 cup beans = 14g

Protein Smoothie:

1 scoop soya protein = 27g

250ml soya milk = 4g

1/2 cup soaked buckwheat = 7g

1 banana = 1.5g

total protein =36-40g