A Podcast Resource

While doing research about what I was going to post about next, an idea popped into my head to share some interesting podcasts that I have come across.

There are multiple platforms that you can use to listen to podcasts, my favourite being an app called "Stitcher" which is free and has very little ads.

So here is my compilation:

-Cults (the history and psychology behind the most notorious cults)

-Reply All (an exploration of modern life and how to survive it)

-The Nod (an exploration of experiences that make up black life in America)

-Black Girl in Om (all things wellness, self-care and self-love for women of color)

-Where should we begin? (learn and explore alongside couples who go through sessions with famous psychologist Esther Perel)

-Dash the Curry (exploring topics from Eelam Thamil identity, culture, taboos, relationships and more from the perspective of Thamil diasporic feminists)

-Heart Centered Revolution (sharing wisdom and techniques of Kundalini Yoga)

-Brown Vegan (practical tips to start and continue a vegan journey)

-Good Ancestor Podcast (How can we become good ancestors?)

-Invisibilia (narrative storytelling with science that will make you see your life differently)

Please feel free to comment or message me if you have some that you would like to share, I am always looking to expand the collection.