Some tips for becoming plant-based

I think one of the biggest difficulties in becoming vegan is how to change your kitchen at home and eating habits. It can seem a bit overwhelming about what that first step is, how to make that change. But there is hope, and it can be simple and stress-free with the right knowledge and support.

In this post I just wanted to offer some ideas from my experience, to help you along the journey. And it is a journey, so enjoy the process and what you learn and explore along the way.

-My first tip is to change your diet gradually, maybe to go plant based/vegetarian a couple of days a week, and then increase the amount of days over time. Maybe even over a couple of months, so you can get used to recipes, change the ingredients in your kitchen, and feel a bit more comfortable making the change.

-Using a platform like Pinterest can also help a lot as there are so many recipes available, you can really create a database from breakfast ideas to pantry staples.

-Maybe visit a local plant-based restaurant and get some inspiration, chat to the manager or owner for some support and if you have any questions about where to buy certain products or how they use ingredients you want to learn to use,

-Follow plant-based people on Instagram, twitter, etc, so you can be part of a digital community and see what's happening around the world, in your country, etc.

-I am also more than happy to help you along the way so feel free to message me via this website for anything you want to chat about.

Remember that making this decision is going to be a bit inconvenient, and can be hectic at first, but you are making this decision for a reason, and whatever that reason is, hold it close, and keep motivated, because it is worth it. Always.