When an evening of drug fueled decadence results in the traumatic & untimely death of a close friend, two young brothers, JAMES (27) & MICKEY(24), stand trial in Johannesburg awaiting a verdict likely to result in their lengthy imprisonment. Fearful their life of excess and privilege will ensure their condemnation, the brothers make the impulsive decision to abandon all they love and know for the possibility of constructing a new life across the Atlantic. Evading South African authorities, they disappear into the ocean of bodies and skyscrapers that ll the metropolis of Sao Paulo. Brazil.  

Riding the high of their escape, JAMES & MICKEY devour the city with an animal like urgency, seeking higher thrills and bigger screams within bars, clubs and pill driven nights that preach pure passion and danger in the same sermon. In a kaleidoscope of hedonism, the boys meet VALENTINA, a young and erce slender framed femme-fatal who appears like an angel under the glow of neon lights. Like a vision of absolute truth, she inspires the love within both brothers almost immediately, making them feel truly at home for

the rst time. She seduces the brothers into a deep love that births tremendous con ict, breaking their bound before reuniting them in a triumphant group affair that transcends the boundaries of convention and brotherhood, elevating the three wonders to a height of unity and true reciprocal love seldom known.


The trio descend into uninhibited intimacy, the boys unaware of VALENTINA’s notorious love affair with the ruthless blood starved VAGUINHO, a bullet dented gangster who runs the feared drug syndicate that oils the clubs of down-town Sao Paulo.With their nirvana threatened the brothers hatch a plan with VALENTINA to steal four kilograms of VAGUINHO’s rst grade Colombian pure and smuggle it back to Johannesburg where they know it will get a premium, giving them the necessary resources to vanish, start a new and sustain their romance.

VAGUINHO soon gets wind of the plan through violence and intimidation. As a man unaccustomed to betrayal, he unleashes his contacts in the crooked POLICIA FEDERAL, resulting in the arrest of MICKEY as they prepare the smuggling operation. JAMES nds himself locked up in one of Sao Paulo’s most notorious prisons where his worst nightmares are realized as he sees the death of his comfort and the manifestation of his personal hell, systematically broken as a man and as a human being. MICKEY is desperate to a way to rescue his brother and dissuade his own capture and begs VALENTINA to help him. Although VALENTINA agonizes over the imprisonment of her lover, she has problems of her own, she needs her son back and VAGUINHO is becoming ever more irrational and hungry for vengeance, forcing her to return to the devils lair where she faces VAGUINHO who is in no mood for mercy. She is continuously brutalized to the verge of death as VAGUINHO uses every trick in the book to try get her to talk, taunting her with the life of her son in order for her to release the location of JAMES and his stolen stash of Colombian.

When VAGUINHO’s in uence reaches the prison, JAMES nds himself losing a battle to stay alive as the animals descend. Without allies,
he soon nds himself cornered when VAGUINHO orders his death as
a message to his enemies that he can never be broken.


Alone in an alien land, with the paradise their love built unraveling in hyper speed , MIKEY struggles to save VALENTINA & his brother as the authorities lock in on his location.When news of his brother’s death reaches him, MICKEY acknowledges their summer of bliss and love has meet its winter and reluctantly hands himself over to the authorities, returning to Africa to face prosecution and bury his in the soil of his birth land.


US Sales agent XYZ FILM 


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