M O O N R I V I E R A 


A dark evening red hangs over the dust clouded streets of Kinshasa, Congo. Through the swarms of dark skinned bodies and racing motors, GASPARD (70)  stumbles drunkenly down the chaotic streets, an old westerner alone in a strange lawless land.


He makes his way down to the thug infested red light district to visit GLORYIIA, a thick waisted scar riddled prostitue that serves as the only real intimacy the old man has left.


Answering his drunken desperation with a soft empathetic kindness, she strips him down and washes his tough leathered skin before lying him on her heart shaped bed and holding him close. The two outcasts sheltered from the world if only for a moment as they talk about what has been and what’s the little thats left to come.


As the pimp bangs on the door, GASPARD can't bare the thought of leaving and begs GLORYIIA to let him stay, an impossible feat. She forces his clothes on and begs him to leave as the bangs on the door turn to profanity yells and order barks. 


Spotting a Gun in her side table, the old man starts to think of the life they could have outside of these walls.... 

If they just had the guts to load the pistol and run.

He yields the gun and forces GLORYIIA out shooting the first thug as he texts on his phone. 

The lovers walk the aisle down to the streets, blissfully meeting their end. Happier now to die together than to live a lifeless life amongst living beasts and haunting demons. 

Bleeding in the wild African streets, A blind light take him , carrying him up to THE MOON RIVIERA...


An endless translucent port where he dines with the ones he loves.