Sibs & Georges Goldenstein in Cannes


Sibs Shongwe- La Mer (born 11 September 1991) is a screenwriter, film director, musician, TED (conference) talks alumni and visual artist born in Johannesburg, South Africa. His critically acclaimed debut feature film, Necktie Youth premiered in the Panorama section of the 65th Berlin International Film Festival, Tribeca Film Festival, Sydney Film Festival and numerous top tier international film festivals, winning "Best South African Feature Film" and "Best Direction" at the Durban International Film Festival in 2015. The film went on to garner a multitude of awards including "Best Achievement in Cinematography" and "Best Achievement in editing" at the 2015 South African Film and Television Awards. Mid 2016, Shongwe-La Mer signed representation contracts with top London film lit agency Casarotto Ramsey & Associates where he remains a client. In 2018, he was awarded Cannes L'atelier's Arte Award for " Best cinematic vision" for the screenplay "the color of the skull. Shongwe-La Mer a slate of feature and television project backed by various partners abroad. Over the next years,  he has made screenwriting his priority writing various screenplays and developing television projects for various profile producers and company's including Charle's King's, Macro Ventures and Cassien Elews.  In 2021,  Variety announced his anticipated sophomore his " Halo Daze" (written, directed and Exectuive Produced). The film is backed by Hollywood Studio SKGLOBAL. After delays relating to the pedemic, The film is financed and in will be completed, edited in Berlin, Germany in 2022.

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Victor Vazquez

Victor Vazquez (born November 16, 1983), also known by his stage name Kool A.D., is an American rapper, record producer, author, and artist. He is from the San Francisco Bay Area of California. Vazquez is best known for being a member of the New York-based rap group Das Racist, though he has also been a member of the bands Boy Crisis and Party Animal. Vazquez has also released his own solo material, including numerous mixtapes. Mother Jones magazine described his work as "a thoughtful effort to deconstruct and rearrange cultural objects in ways that challenge our deepest assumptions about society and cultural products"Vazquez, who is of Afro-Cuban and Italian descent, originally hails from the San Francisco Bay area of California. He attended high school at the Arthur Andersen Community Learning Center in Alameda and college at Wesleyan Universityin Middletown, Connecticut, where he earned a bachelor's degree in English. A zine of his writing titled Joke Book was published by Spencer Madsen of Sorry House in February 2013. Praised as "a satirical criticism of our modern society that was both refreshing and thoughtful, as well as uproariously hysterical, the zine sold out in its first run, necessitating a second run three months later. In November 2016, Kool A.D. released a novel, titled O.K., A Novel. Kool A.D. had originally written the novel as a 442-page experimental narrative, with multiple narrators and other unconventional elements such as lists, screenplay-style scripts, dictionary entries, tweets, and fake ad copy, but he scrapped that version and re-wrote the novel.


Masande Ntshanga

Masande Ngcali Ntshanga (born 25 April 1986) is a South African novelist, short story writer, poet, editor and publisher. He is the author of two novels, The Reactive (2014), which was published in five territories and won a Betty Trask Award in 2018 and Triangulum (2019), for which he was nominated for a Nommo Award for Best Speculative Fiction Novel by an African.In 2020, Ntshanga released his third book, Native Life in the Third Millennium (2020), a collection of poetry and prose from his experimental press, Model See Media, which was also well received, with critics praising it for its themes and use of language.Ntshanga has delivered guest lectures at the Gordon Institute of Performing and Creative Arts in Cape Town, The Beeler Gallery in Columbus,The Columbus College of Arts and Design, The Centre for Creative Writing at the University of Cape Town and The SAE Institute for Creative Media in Johannesburg.In 2020, he joined the Rhodes University MA in Creative Writing Program as a part-time lecturer and took over the literary journal, New Contrast, becoming its first black editor since the magazine was established in 1960.

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ALOY ONUORAH ushers in the new generation of African story telling, bringing with him the rawness and lived experiences of the African continent. As a new writer, he has a natural and distive storytelling ability with deep ties to his deep and reflecting perspective of his culture. From "living in paradise" as he describes it, to being thrown into an unexpected western education, to finding himself alone in South Africa. He constantly finds himself arriving at different scenarios in his life, all of them completely different from one another. He has seen the world and back and yearns for a return to paradise but paradise has changed. Aloy Onuorah was born into a strong African Family of 10 boys in a farming camp where he lived in the heart of nature with his family.  Aloy is the founder of African Super Studios. A production company with the aim of bringing African Stories to life.Aloy started his career in the film and entertainment industry as model and actor.Being entrepreneurial minded, he started his first company Loys Models and Talent management. Aloy also took up acting courses at ACT CAPE TOWN as well as a Production mentorship programme at CAPE TOWN TV, after which he started. African Super Studios to be the base for his companies within the media, creative and entertainment sector. His current project is under the working title "ARRIVALS", an autobraphic feature film project the explores the obligations of love, the westernization of africans and the his of experiences in a